Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nikki, Callahan & Christian

It only took me a second to fall in love with this beautiful family... I could take picture's of these guys everyday. They've been through a lot in life and have suffered great loss and stil seem see all the beauty and love this world has to offer. I am so glad I got to meet you and spend time with you, I made 3 great new friends.


Maggie Fortson Photography said...

uhm, HANDS DOWN my most favorite session of yours! Brilliant on so many levels!

Kimberly Chorney said...

Thank You Maggie!

Misty Wallace said...

Wow! Kimberly these are wonderful!! The little boy with the airplane in focus.. Amazing!!! I just adore your work!! The sunset Photos are so beautiful!! Great work!!

Lulu and her whimsical ways! said...

these are just beyond words - the little girl in the evening sun is just spectacular - they are all so divinely perfect and timeless! x

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