Monday, October 11, 2010

Avery and Gavin

Well I always enjoy holding a newborn, Avery is six weeks old and full of smiles already. Such a beautiful and precious baby girl. Her big brother Gavin is full of energy and has quite the array of facial expressions, which makes him a super fun subject to photograph and his eyes, well lets just say he had me wrapped around his little finger with one look!


Bootsie said...

So....I just did a catch up on your blog and boy have you been busy and rockin' the seniors, how fun! I love love love all the ones of Asher, super cute fashion du jour case (I mean I want one :) the dress on the branch, oh really there were SO many amazing details in every shoot that just scream Kimberly, I love that! In this particular post the third one from the bottom has me swooning, those gorgeous eyes through the rails of the crib, I just know mommy was pleased! I heard today was Canada's thanksgiving, so of course I thought of you!

Beth Simmons said...

Stunning images! I always love your work so much:)

Elena Litsova PHOTOGRAPHY said...

So beautiful Kimbelry. I just love your work. It's never the same, never boring. You are amazing!

Cora said...

Awesome! :)

maymay said...

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